Benezette PA

- Elk Capital of PA!

Benezette PA
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Benezette Community Facts

According to the 2000 census Benezette's human population was estimated at 227 people, which by many estimates is a fraction of the Elk population in the area. Current estimates for the Elk herd sizes in Benezette come in at between 200 - 400 animals. Exact Elk totals in the area are impossible to track due to their migration habits.


Benezette itself is 107 square miles in size, of which roughly 65% is land and 35% water. Its population density is estimated to be 2.1 people per square mile and roughly 1 housing unit every 8.1 square miles.

Benezette Attractions

Elk without a doubt are the biggest attraction in Benezette. Not the only reason to go there, but few could argue that without them there the local businesses, which are primarily service related, would undoubtedly suffer greatly. For more info on Benezette's Elk heard check out the PA Elk Blog and PA Elk Discussion Forum.


State Game Lands are another great reason to take a trip up to Benezette PA. With ample state lands in the area available for hunting and hiking it is a great place to sneak away for a chance to get close to mother nature. You can expect an abundance of Deer and Elk in the area with a healthy Bear population as well. Wild turkey are also plentiful are commonly seen there as well.


Camping seems to be another staple of the Benezette area. It is flush with recreational camps both privately owned as well as available for rent and even several well established camp grounds to choose from.